10 Hilarious Posts That Will Make You Laugh If You Are In A Relationship With Sleep

Is there
anything as satisfying as sleeping all
day and night?!!
Probably not. We could avoid all fights and war if we just
sleep isn’t it 😛 Life would be simpler and more peaceful!
If you have
a unbreakable relationship with sleep, then these hilarious posts will  make you totally relate to it, laugh your ass
out, and go back to bed finally!
1. When all you do is only sleep.

2. Sleep was probably the best
invention ever.

3. When sleep is the most important
thing in your life.

4. All your hobby consists of

5. Forever single but in a deep
relationship with sleep.

6. Sleeping now and waking up after
few years – that feel!

7. Social life? Nah, I prefer sleep
over it.

8. Motivation is all about sleeping

9. When sleeping is your solution for
all problems.

10. Sleeping = win-win situation

Well, the
world may work and keep talking all they want, but will never know what they
are missing by not taking a big nap 😉 You guys go sleep, after all, it’s the
best thing ever!!


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