10 Kollywood Mothers Who Resemble Our Very Own Mothers With Their Performance !!


Mother’s Day is a day you get to show your mom (or the mother of your children) how grateful you are that she is in your life. No one in this world can be an alternative person in this world for a Mother. But somewhere we remember our mother while watching the activities of the mothers of neighbourhood. But it is more special when we remember our mother while a movie. These mothers from Kollywood have always reminded our own mom somewhere. Check out and say which of these mom’s character is similar to your mom !!

10. Rama From Madras

She doesn’t occupied much screen space in the whole movie. But she steal the show from the very few scenes she made her appearance. The way she rejects every alliance of Karthi , didn’t we all faced this with our mom who doesn’t gets satisfied with the choices we make in almost every occasion ?? Once my mom sent me back 3 times to get a proper haircut !1

9. Saranya Ponvannan In Ram

The only person with extreme tolerance in the world is no one but a mother. While Saranya Ponvannan resisted every eccentric activity of her son in this movie, we all could relate it with our mom. ain’t us ??

8. Archana From Parattai

Despite the movie’s dryness and disappointing ending the innocence of the mother character will somewhere resemble our very own mother. Especially for the sons and daughters who are living far away from their home will definitely remember their innocent, affectionate mother atleast for once while watching this movie.

7. Sri Vithya From Thalapathy

We are damn sure that most of us will have that “Azhugaachi” mother who weep for no reason. They will weep if we delay to reach home , They will weep if we miss to eat at times , They will weep till we regret our deed even if we haven’t done anything wrong. But that is a way to show their affection. Words cannot simply explain that.

6. Nathiya From M.Kumaran

That trendy, updated, cool mom with whom we can share everything that happens to us. She even befriend with our girlfriend and will gather every detailed information of us. She will always keep us comfortable and will never leave us in a hesitant situation.

5. Oorvasi From SMS

 Those mischievous mothers who are unstoppable once they start to roast us. They are even dangerous if they join hands with our friends in roasting us. These kind of mothers are harmless that we can even expose our girl to them without fear.

4. Aishwary From Kaaka Muttai

We all got beaten up by our mom in our childhood. It might be hard at that point of time but if we remember those memories now , it will be most happiest days of our life, no matter how wealthy or healthy we are now.

3. Radhika From Naanum Rowdy thaan

Don’t your mom support you blindly ?? Even if you make serious troubles ?? Yes , We sure will remember our Mom while seeing Radhika in Naanum Rowdy thaan.

2.Saranya From Kalavani

One of the best film that portrayed Mother-Son relationship accurately in Tamil nadu is Kalavaani. More of a cat and mouse relationship in Tom & Jerry not because they often fight each other but because they don’t survive without each other.

1. Simran From Kannathil Muthamittal

This might not be relatable to everyone but to those who can relate this will strongly stand by our decision of keeping Kannathil Muthamittal Simran’s Mother role in the first place.

Comment your favourite mother among these soulful mother roles of Tamil cinema !!




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