10 Lesser Known Facts About Chennai Metro That Will Blow Your Mind


With the launch of its metro, Chennai has become the fifth Indian city to have metro connectivity. Today, marking a year of completion, let’s see some of the lesser known facts about our Chennai Metro.

1. Chennai Metro trains are to be automated and run without drivers. However, they will have operators for a while. 

2. Physically-challenged passengers have an option of pressing a button to make the train stop for a longer time in a station. 

3. The five trains would make 192 trips in two directions. 

4. The major loan for the project comes from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It  has funded 59.22%. The Centre has contributed a just 15%. 

5. The completed project would cover a total of 45 kms in two routes – around 23 kms from Wannarapet to Airport, and 21 kms from Chennai Central to St. Thomas Mount. 

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6. Chennai Metro becomes  India’s most expensive metro rail service. passengers  will be paying  Rs. 40 for a 10 kms journey where as passengers in Delhi pay Rs. 18 and Bangalore pay  Rs. 23 respectively. 

7. The capacity of each train is a  maximum of 1,200 passengers. 

8. The final metro rail network is expected to cover 32 stations – 19 underground and 13 elevated. 

9. The Chennai Metro’s average speed is 35 kmph of Bangalore’s 34 kmph and Delhi’s 36 kmph. 

10. The first train’s operator was a women named A. Preethi. She was specially trained for a year and half for her role of being an operator. 


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