10 of the Most exciting attractions at MGM Dizzee World, Chennai

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MGM Dizzee World is a spectacular amusement park which is located in East Coast Road, Chennai. The amusement park is quite popular for different thrilling rides and world-class theme parks. Ranked as the number one amusement park in Tamil Nadu, MGM Dizzee World has a 18001: 2007 certification for environmental health and safety.

However, the certifications aren’t as attractive as the awe-inspiring rides in this park. So let us explore the most exciting attractions at MGM Dizzee World.

10. Fun Houses

MGM Dizzee World treats the young lads with a separate section of fun houses with different slides, swings and treasure hunts. The most popular fun houses in Dizzee world are Mushroom House, Shoe House and Stone House. These houses replicate the artistic worlds of Disney and keep the kids full with fun activity.

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9. Swimming Pool

With is gigantic size and endless options of fun activities the pool is a special attraction here at MGM Dizzee World. The pool is equipped with several water slides and fun rides that won’t let the adrenaline in you drop for a minute. The pool has special sectors for family kids and youngsters. Similar to Alai Osai, diving and jumping are not allowed in swimming pool too.

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8. Super Trooper

A giant wheel with aircraft ends, super trooper is an exhilarating ride which spins your head with super fast twisting and turning. The ride is so thrilling that faint hearted people should strictly stay away from it. The ride is open for all age groups; however all the loose valuables should be secured before getting into the ride.

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7. Alai Osai

What can be more fascinating and tempting than the ocean waves surfing you. With Alai Osai, the experience of a real beach fun can be enjoyed on artificial rolling waves. The water park is thrilling an experience and once you are in, there is no coming out. However, diving or jumping is not allowed in Alai Osai and non swimmers are protected with life jackets.

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6. Amphi Theater

Sweat up all your adrenal with the groovy beats and loud music at Amphi Theater. With large amplifiers and electrifying dance floors, the theater is certainly an attractive centre at MGM Dizzee World. The dance theater gets more vibrant and lively as the sunsets and the shiny disco balls glitter the floor and atmosphere in there.

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5. Water coaster

If speed doesn’t thrill you, wait until you punch the water base at an electrifying speed from a gigantic height. The ride is a pacing roller coaster ride which wipes all the panic with a big splash of water. The excitement slowly builds with the whirling speed tracks and continues once are done with the water ride.

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4. Rolling Thunder

It’s a double loop roller coaster ride and is surely not meant for the faint hearted. The ride offers a rushing speed journey, for the best adrenaline gush you ever experienced. A must have ride for speed freaks and wait till the roller coaster dumbfounds you with vertical loops, clothed loops and corkscrews.

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3. Revolution

With its drilling speed and leaning loops, I bet you won’t wish to miss this exhilarating speed ride. The ride is strictly restricted for the adults and kids can only witness their parents whirling with bumpy cage rotations. The ride is pinned to all corners and makes your mind swing till the end.

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2. Kamikaze Ranger

They call it the G – force ride for a reason. The ride challenges all laws of gravity and if Newton had a chance to ride it, the laws would have been completely different. The ride is a massive pendulum fixed to a stationary tower with two separate 16-passenger gondolas, which illustrate the feeling of hanging upside down.

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1. Dodgem Car

Dodgem Car is an electrifying addicting bumping car game at MGM Dizzie World, which you can enjoy with your friends and family. Basically, the game is a flat ride car amusement, with specially designed electric cars drawn by the power from the ceiling. The cars are operated by riders by remote handles and they need to get away from the other speeding electric cars.

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