10 responses when people says ‘I love you’

Most of the guys/girls want to propose their love at some point to kick start a relationship. But 

Some of the different reactions from different people when you express your love.

1.That “Gyana Pazham” who says “Athula amma appa kita ketu solren”

But don’t mistake this for cowardice. It may also be due to the respect they have for their parents 

2. That girl who brings out the “Studies” into the equation
 “Ayo naan padikanum,padikura vayasula lam love panakudathu nu appa sonaru”

3.That “Enakku already aalu irukku” moment

   You propose hoping that it will work out, only to realize that somone already put the application and he got the job 

4.That girl/guy who act like they’re busy and says “lets talk about this later”

5. “You are rushing things. Let’s take things slowly”

   He/She will use this excuse even if they know the person for more than a year

6. Previously failed relationship syndrome

   Your proposal might be in serious situation of going down the drain due to a previous relationship with a jerk he/she might have had with

7. Mixed feelings for more than one person

 “I am in love with someone , but I have feelings for you too” . When this bomb is dropped , you are stuck like a 4 wheeler in Madhyakailash signal. Can’t go anywhere.

8.That ambi guy who directly equates “Acceptance of love = Marriage”

Day 1 : I love you 

Day 2 : Kalyanam Eppo vechukalam?

9. The Angry reaction

“Porukki. Unakku akka thangachi lam illaya?” . Chill woman…I just proposed to you..not tried to kidnap you!

10. Waiting for the proposal but too proud to initiate it

Many will have the feelings, but will never intiate it hoping the other person will do so.

And then…there are others….who just read posts like these and keep waiting for a miracle to happen ..—A moment of silence for them… for the Forever Alones!!


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