10 signs that show you’re a Big Time Foodie!

10 signs that show
you’re a big time foodie!
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FOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!! Β Undoubtedly, it’s the best thing that can
happen to us foodies πŸ˜› The day starts and ends with food for us. Nothing
excites us as food does and it’s the one sure thing to win our hearts anytime!
All we want to do is taste different cuisines of food, and that gives us the
reason for existence! We follow the rule of, “live to eat”Β  and not “eat to live”.
1. You always have space for dessert!
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Even when
you’re full till your neck and can’t take another ounce of food saying,
“I’m soooo full”, you can’t resist when the dessert comes to the
table πŸ˜› You convince yourself saying that there’s always space for some
dessert and start indulging in the heaven before your eyes.
2. No food, No activity!
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All your
activity has to be linked to eating or you won’t have any motivation of doing
it. Watching a movie in theatre or a movie marathon at home, your popcorn has
to accompany you. When at work, all you can think is what you’ll have for lunch
or what you’ll order for dinner after going home πŸ˜‰ When people remember some
awesome event by mentioning the party or dresses, you will be the one remembering
it by the mouth-watering food!
3. Your soul mate is FOOD! No one else can replace it πŸ˜€
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You know
that food is going to be your ONE TRUE LOVE, always and forever! You’re
definitely going to be committed to eating all time πŸ˜› When you’re happy or
sad, the first thing you do is celebrate it by EATING! The look you give when
the food comes to your table(with love and twinkle in your eyes!) won’t be
possible even when you see your GF/BF πŸ˜‰
4. Absolutely no sharing. Β #sorrynot sorry
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We can
surely share anything that we own, even the brand new car that we purchased,
but DO NOT TOUCH OUR FOOD. Being friends with a foodie, you’ll get to know that
they can eat the whole dish all by themselves but will never ever think of
sharing it with you!
5. Diet. Exercise. What language are
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We keep
telling ourselves that diet is for losers. We earn to eat and why should we
stop that by dieting? πŸ˜€ We would rather DIE than DIET !! But we promise to
exercise regularly to avoid becoming fat, but… unfortunately no time, cause
it’s always time only for EATING and there’s so many dishes to try everywhere!
6. Most of your salary goes to buying
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Almost 3/4th
of your money is spent on foods and you just can’t help it! You are so eager to
try new places every weekend and don’t mind when that drills a hole in your
pocket! You’ll definitely have a list of go-to places made already. And even if
you don’t go out, you end up ordering something online or buying tons of
groceries for making a new dish at home!
7. Can’t eat without taking a picture
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Every dish
you eat or make has to go into your Instagram account. This is like a major
rule for us, isn’t it? πŸ˜› Our friends get annoyed at us cause we make them wait
until we take that perfect click! πŸ˜€ We have to show off what we ate, where we
went and also get those likes on the delicious food that went into our mouth
right!! Our feed will definitely be more of food than people and we’ll have a
separate album in our phone for pictures of food!
8. You can smell food anywhere.. even from far away…
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We can
literally smell food from miles away. Say it that we are obsessed about food,
but we have this extra sense when it comes to smelling food! And guess what, we
can easily tell what food it is without even having to look at it πŸ˜‰ During
weekends when our mom cooks something we crave, we become so impatient for her
to call us for eating. And the moment she does, we run like a race to go devour
the deliciousness!!
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9. Friends call you for suggestion.


You are a
pro at all the places with awesome food and your friends always rely on you to
suggest a place for the next outing. Be it a simple evening party or a well
planned luncheon, you know where to go. Not only that, you’re sure to impress
them cause you know the best places in town! You will also be a foodΒ  reviewer, having a wide heart of helping
people to know places that you’ve been to πŸ˜‰
10. Anything can wait, but not FOOD!
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Our one and
only rule is to never make food wait for anything else! We are always ready to
sacrifice in order to give the priority for food πŸ˜› You have cancelled many
outing plans for the sake of food! All I’m saying is, when there’s an important
function to attend and you’ve pizza waiting in the oven, you wouldn’t mind to
ditch the function for your pizza <3
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Hmmm.. I’m
going to be hogging cause there’s pasta next to me right now. Oh damn, but no
dessert…lemme go order some πŸ˜‰ Am sure you guys are hungry too after reading
this post. What are you waiting for, GO EAT! Bon appetite! B-)


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