10 Steps To Identify Fake Profiles On Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest portals to connect people. It is the best option to communicate people. But everything has pros and cons. The biggest disadvantage is that people can make fake profiles to chat with people. It is really important to know whether you are chatting with a fake person or not.
Follow these ways. You never know which may help you.

1) Read out their profile. Fake profiles don’t add much information.

2) Check out their profile pictures. They might took those pictures from Google search engine.

3) Whenever you got a request from someone you don’t know, you should look in to their timeline.

4) You should be aware of undying declaration of love and affection.

5) If you are not having any ‘good feeling’ about a person who send you friend request, then turn down those friend request.

6) You should check their friendlist and if you notice weird then unfriend them ASAP.

7) Normally, we send friend request to the people we know. So, if somebody sent you a request you don’t know then you need to confirm that do they know you?

8) People love to update their photos. If they have uploaded random photos then it might be a fake account.

9) If they ask too much about your personal information then you can block or unfriend them.

10) Beware of the people who ask for your personal photographs. It is wise to not to send them and report them.

So, next time beware from the fake account on Facebook.


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