12 signs that show you’re completely addicted to ONLINE SHOPPING!

When you’re hopelessly
in love and addicted to online shopping !!

12 Signs You are Addicted to Online Shopping
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Well, well!!
gone are the days when we spent hours at a shopping mall, selecting things we
wanted to buy and then standing at the long queue to pay the bill. Online
shopping came as a blessing in disguise for all us lazy bums and every shopaholic
out there will accept with these points if you’re as addicted to it as I am 😉
1. Your default tab has at least
one/two shopping sites.
Yeah, you never know when you’ll end up buying things…again!
12 Signs You are Addicted to Online Shopping
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2. You put things into your cart and
wait for three days before buying it.
You’ve debate with yourself whether you really need it or
not, and end up buying it anyway 😛
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3. Your daily agenda is to check all
online websites for what’s new and if any offer is going on.
You’ve to be the first to buy it
isn’t it? What if it’s sold out!
12 Signs You are Addicted to Online Shopping
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4. Seeing ‘your size isn’t available’
or ‘colour is out of stock’ can give you mini heart attacks.
Like what?? How can you go out of
stock when I really need it! :/
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5. And when you read ‘It’s SOLD OUT’.
You go into a rage, incognito
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6. Nothing sounds as good as hearing
a ‘SALE’ online!
off on everything? This is my lucky day!!
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7. You have more shopping apps on
your phone.
I need
to do shopping on the go. It’s my caffeine!
12 Signs You are Addicted to Online Shopping
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8. Your maid would have scowled at
least a few times seeing all the overflowing cardboard boxes and packages!
What, like it’s my fault! Duh!
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9. The delivery guy knows your
address so well by now.
No more calling you for directions.
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10. Getting perfectly annoyed when
what you receive doesn’t look like what you ordered!
Now you’ve to return it and wait to
order again!
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11. Your mailbox are full of
promotional mails than any official ones.
All that subscription to websites keep notifying you
with every sale and offer!
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12. And many times, you end up
ordering what you already have!
So much shopping done and how do you expect me to keep a record
of it?!
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So there you go!! Happy shopping every one! B-)

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