1Gbps Broadband Coming Soon?


We all remember last September when Mukesh Ambani decided he’d play a much more important part in every citizen’s life. His Reliance Jio 4G changed the life of everyone who started to use it. Speculated comparatively fast in the start, Jio 4G faced lots of ups and downs and is now offering a constant 10+ Mbps with 1GB free 4G data every day.

Now Mukesh Ambani has announced Reliance Jio GigaFiber, a broadband service which opts to bring the fabled FTTH connection to every home is aimed at achieving maximum download speed of upto 1Gbps-which approximately equals to a constant download speed of 128MBps. (click here to know the difference between MBps and Mbps)

Right now, the product is still in it’s testing phase. The testing modems and routers have been set up in various parts of Mumbai and Pune. Though new connections are not installed, people who have already subscribed to the Reliance broadband service are being upgraded to the new Jio GigaFiber service of which they had to pay Rs.4500 for one time installation of the router and modem. They are given a free testing period of 3 months which offers high speed browsing and downloads. If they aren’t satisfied after three months, the modem could be returned and the entire amount would be refunded.

The current users have claimed they have been constantly achieving speeds of upto 100MBps with an average speed of about 70 MBps. If this would be true, then people would be able to download high definition movies within few seconds.

Click here to notify them you are interested and they will contact you when it is available in your city.


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