5 Year Old Tweet Of BJP MP Stirs Controversy !!


A deleted tweet of BJP MP Surya which was posted 5 years ago created huge controversy among the people of micro blogging social media site. The “misogynist” tweet about Arab women was highlighted by several users of the particular social media platform on Sunday which made the author of it to delete it immediately.

The first one to call out the tweet was Dubai-businesswoman Noor Alghrair, who said that she is pitied on seeing the upbringing of the political leader. She warned him not to travel to Arab in future and made sure that his tweet is noted. “Pity Ur upbringing, that respect for women couldn’t be instilled in U despite India having some great female leaders .Please note if someday the govt bestows a foreign ministry to you, avoid travelling to Arab lands. You are not welcome here. This will be remembered” she wrote in her tweet.

Check out her tweet below :

This tweet reached larger number of online users in no time, result of which many of them started expressing their views against the tweet of the BJP leader. Few of them even tagged the official twitter ID of Prime minister Narendra Modi and few asked Twitter how this Twitter account of such people are still active.

“Dear Twitter, this Indian politicians @Tejasvi_Surya has racially slurred Arab women, I wonder how is his account still active? Is it not against Twitter’s official policy? Please act as Arab sentiment has been badly wounded.” said one of a Twitter user based on Arab.

“Respected Prime minister Narendra Modi, India’s relation with the Arab world has been that of mutual respect. Do you allow your parliamentarian to publicly humiliate our women? We expect your urgent punitive action against Surya for his disgraceful comment.” another user’s comment read.

These tweets are garnering large number of likes and retweets from the users of Twitter as the screenshots are being widely circulated. This is not the first time this screenshot being circulated. Earlier when Surya contested in the Lok Sabha elections of 2018, this tweet did rounds but failed to garner enough attention. After AlGhurair highlighted the tweet, it is spreading like wildfire. She is known for being vocal about the way Muslims being treated in India.

Reportedly, this tweet by the BJP leader was a quote by Pakistani-Canadian journalist and author Tarek-Fatah in an interview with a media portal. The tweet Surya posted was a statement said by Tarek Fatah while responding to a question on democracy in the middle east. A tweet of Rupa Subramanya, an economist reported about this.

However, this is not the first time Surya landing in trouble for his tweets. He once posted that he “dreads” the day when the women reservation will become a reality and deleted the tweet within 24 hours, according to The Print.


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