8 Things Only Biriyani Lovers Can Understand

Okay, so if you don’t love biryani, then you’re doing it wrong. That is not normal at all. Who wouldn’t love a heavenly, succulent plate of biryani? Biryani is a dish, which bonds emotionally with a person who truly respects it’s existence. If you’re a hardcore biryani lover, then you sure know what I’m talking about.

1. The chicken leg indeed, is the best piece

2. The ONLY reason to hate biryani

3. That devastating moment.. 

4. Elaichi in biryani = Your darkest fear

5. Every Muslim marriages you go to; you’ll find biryani there for sure

6. Nothing can beat the aroma of biryani in the making

7. You’re always in search for the BEST biryani in town

8. Biriyani + Coke = Bliss! 

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