8 Unknown Facts About Rainman Ramanan That Everybody In Tamil Nadu Should Know


1. Ramanan is a post graduate in physics from Annamalai University.

2. He got his Ph.D from the Madras University in the field of Agricultural Climatology.

3. He joined Meteorological Department of India in 1980

4. He worked as a forecaster in Northern Hemisphere Analysis center in New Delhi and at Aviation Meteorological Office of Chennai Airport

5. He was actively involved during the installation of Automatic Message Switching System in the 1995 

6. He is a recipient of the “For the sake of Honour Award” from the Rotary club in 2006.

7. He represented India in 1998 in Japan regarding preparation of inventory for green house gases

8. He represented India regarding Synergized Standard Operating Procedures for coastal hazards in Bangkok during May 2013.



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