9 Reasons Why It Is Awesome To Have A Tamilian Friend

Having a
friend is a boon in itself and the best thing that can ever happen to you. But having
a friend from Tamil Nadu is pure
awesomeness and a blessing in disguise 😉
Here are
some reasons why you should definitely have a friend from Tamil Nadu  and am sure you all will agree to it!
1. You get to have amazing food.

Image result for eating idli dosa

Be it
breakfast – Idli, dosa and vada, Lunch – full meals or Dinner – fast food
shops, you get to taste a variety of food, spicy and sweet, that you will fall
in love with.
2. Fashion runs in their genes.

They are
born beautiful and have a keen sense of fashion. Right from the traditional
Kancheepuram silk sarees to the latest fashion trends, they carry off
everything in style. And nothing can come close to our ‘Veshti’ definitely!
3. Blessed in the looks department as

Image result for rekha and sridevi

It’s a
little tuff beating the beauty of a south Indian. See Rekha and SriDevi,
getting old but just prettier every day!
4. You get to learn the language and
different dialects.

Image result for deepika padukone in chennai express

Not only do
you get to learn Tamil from us, but you also get to speak all the local slangs
like a pro. We make sure to make you speak our tongue very soon. And not to
forget the famous ‘aiyayoo’ from us 😛
5. Experience our festivals.

Image result for 3 movie stills dhanush and shruti diwali

If you’re a
good friend, you will be invited for all their festivals from pongal to diwali.
And guess what? You’ll be pampered with food so much and get to enjoy the whole
6. You get introduced to Tamil movies
and actors.

Image result for kabali

If you’re a
movie buff, we can help you watch some amazing classic movies from tamil and
trust us, you will love them. Not to forget the famous Rajinikanth and Kamal,
whom you might become a fan of soon.
7. Tamil weddings will leave you astounded.


Once you see
how the wedding takes place with loads of food and gold (:p), you will want to
marry a tamil girl immediately!!
8. They are intelligent and funny.

Image result for kamal

Everyone you
come across will have their fair share of knowledge and a humorous side to
them. You can go them for any kind of advice or if you need a dose of laughter.
9. And finally, you get a friend for

Image result for arya and santhanam

We value
friendship above everything and would do anything for friends. So if you’re
lucky enough to get a tamil friend, you might as well consider yourself blessed
beyond limits!

Those of you who already have a tamil
friend will agree to this and those of you who don’t have yet, what are you
waiting for? Go find yourself an amazing friend soon 🙂 


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