A Set Of Online Users Got Upset With These “Mangalsutra” Advertisements !!


After the pictures of designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s new jewellery advertisement campaign went viral on Wednesday, a set of social media users expressed their displeasure over it and started trolling the designer and his idea of campaign. The official Instagram page of Sabyasachi released a series of pictures featuring models flaunting the brand’s newly launched mangalsutras. The designer’s new collection is titled “Intimate Fine Jewellery”.

The advertisements contained heterosexual and same sex couples posing for pictures wearing The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra which is a part of the designer’s intimate jewellery collection. These series of pictures also includes models posing in intimate apparel wearing a Mangal sutra. Check out some of the posters made for the campaign :

Some of these posts didn’t go well with a section of online users who call it as “obscene”. Several users took to twitter claiming that the advertisement campaign is an attack on Hindu culture and hurts religious sentiments while expressing their dissatisfaction. To troll the campaign, few even said that they first thought it as an advertisement for lingerie.

Some went on to demand the designer to delete his ads and seek and apology with many terming the ads as “distasteful”. “So #Sabyasachi has not deleted this obscene content till now. We will not tolerate connecting nudity with Mangal Sutra. You have to stop hurting sentiments of Hindus.” a social media user wrote to express her disagreement with the ad whereas another one said “Boycotting Sabyasachi brands and cloths foreverโ€ฆ.. Will continue to do so for rest of my lifeโ€ฆ Promiseโ€ฆ!!”

Check out some of such comments below :

Comment your views on how the ads are made and the reactions they are receiving !!


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