A Sunday Evening In Marina


There she waits for me ,in all her calm and serene beauty
Her smile beckoning me like gentle waves
Meeting up with her is all my heart craves
There she waits…
There she waits..

Her beauty is admired by many
Her caressing nature is as sweet as honey
The aroma of Sundals and the laughter of kids around us
But for her I accept these intrusions without a fuss
Her warm embrace makes me forget the tensions of the week
Quality time with her is all I seek

Eating bhajjis with her or the ice cream
Is like living a perfect dream
Taller than the lighthouse is her pride
But she never says no to be there by my side

She is the perfect date for me
Being with her truly sets me free..
She is my love , she is my soul
She is my Marina..
She is my Marina..



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