Abhirami Wants To Talk With Mugen’s Girlfriend After Coming Out Of BB?? Watch Video !!


Abhirami Venkatachalam has given more than dozen number of interviews after getting evicted from out of Bigg Boss show. The stunning actress of Ajith’s Nerkonda Parvai, Abhirami is the latest contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the most watched and loved reality TV show in South. Abhirami has been the most talked about contestant in the show for her relationship with Mugen Rao.

As soon as getting evicted from the show, Abhirami became super active in social media platforms and in giving interviews to media houses. Abhirami while being inside the Bigg Boss house, very much attached to Mugen rao to whom she made her love proposal. Mugen said that she is seeing Abhirami as friend and he revealed that he is in love with a girl named Sparkle.


After Abhirami’s eviction, when Mugen was asked whom he misses so much, Mugen said that he is missing Sparkle so much. When Abhirami was questioned about this in one of her interviews, She said “I even wanted to talk to that girl about how it will be exaggerated in a public forum. I wanted to tell her how good is Mugen as a person. But going by what Mugen said to me, they are not in a relationship yet. He just proposed her before entering the Bigg Boss house. It is not even a relationship and she is not even his girlfriend yet. So I don’t want to make a mess by talking to a person who is not even related to it. I am waiting for him to come and talk and if they are really in a relationship, they should have that understanding”

Watch the interview here from 8 : 25 

Source : Indiaglitz 

Abhirami was initially criticized by the audience for confessing that she is in love with Kavin on the first day of the show. Kavin rejected her proposal in a subtle way and asked her to wait for at least 50 days to know about him completely.

However both of them moved on as Kavin got busy in spending with Sakshi and Losliya. After that Abhirami who got attracted to Mugen, proposed him and said that she would live with that feel alone without wanting him to love back. Everything was fine till the re entry of Vanitha Vijayakumar who exposed what’s happening outside the Bigg Boss house to Abhirami.


Bigg Boss Tamil is one of the most watched and loved reality TV show in South. Hosted by superstar Kamal Haasan, the show commenced on 23rd June and has aired more than 60 episodes so far. Being one of the most talked about romantic couple of this season, Mugen Rao made it clear to Abhirami and the other contestants that she is having someone outside the Bigg Boss house in the very beginning.

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