Actor Siddharth Strongly Condemned Rajini’s Statement & Check What Twitter Users Including Actress Kasthuri Did To Him !!


Rajinikanth’s visit to Thoothukudi, where 13 people were killed by police firing last week, did not go as smoothly as the actor-politician would have wished to.

Although there were several people in Thoothukudi who welcomed him and took photographs with the superstar, social media was abuzz with a viral video which showed a young protester asking Rajinikanth who he was. Later, at the press conference, Rajinikanth lost his cool and shouted at a journalist who was asking him questions about the police’s action against the protesters.

There are broadly two narratives which have emerged from Thoothukudi. While the activists and protesters have been saying that the police did not issue any warning and fired to kill, the state government (which is increasingly being seen as a puppet of the BJP at the Centre) has repeatedly defended the brutality by laying the blame on ‘anti-social elements’. Rajinikanth chose to go with the latter narrative, stating that the police retaliated because they were under attack.

Further, to one of the questions, the actor-politician snapped, “If people protest for everything, Tamil Nadu will turn into a graveyard.”

After this bizarre incident so many public people reacted against and in support of Rajinikanth. Actor Siddharth who is known for his films like “Ayutha Ezhuthu” “Boys” “Jil Jung Juk” also expressed his thought through the micro blogging social media site. Siddharth said that in coming days they will even accuse Thoothukudi residents as “Anti-elements” for polluting “Thoothukudi”.

Check out the tweet below :

For this tweet many of the Rajini supporters thrashed Siddharth for making statement against Rajini kanth including actress Kasthuri, and his statement backed by some people as well.


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