Actor Vivekh Recommends This Recent Internet Sensation Ramya Pandiyan To Shankar & A.R Murugadoss !! Check Why !!


In this internet era, Photoshoots are playing a major role for the aspiring actors and models. Even top actors like Samantha, Sivakarthikeyan are participating in photoshoots occasionally to build their profile. It helped many forgotten actors to make their entry into film industry as well. The recent example for this is Ramya Pandiyan who became internet sensation through her recent photoshoots.

Check out some of the pictures from her recent photoshoots here :

In a recent interaction, the actress has revealed that she is receiving number of film opportunities since her photoshoot. She made her film debut in Tamil short film ‘Maane Theyne Ponmaane’. She then acted in films like ‘Koondhalum Meesaiyum’, ‘Dummy Tappasu’ and ‘Joker’.

“In the movies, people saw me as the character I played which made them to forget me. Now through his photoshoot, they started knowing about me about which I am happy. Now as they started liking my appearance, I now has the responsibility to make them like my performances as well” said Ramya in the interaction.

On seeing this short interview, actor Vivekh who seems to be impressed recommended her to directors Atlee, Shankar and A.R Murugadoss by tagging them in his post. In his post Vivek wrote “பண்பும்,அழகும், பதில்களில் பணிவும் கொண்ட ரம்யாபாண்டியன் தன் நடிப்பால் ஜோக்கர்,ஆண்தேவதை படங்களில் மிளி ர்ந்தார்.தமிழைத் தாய்மொழியாகக் கொண்டு அதை சரியாக உச்சரிக்கவும் செய்யும் இவரை தமிழ் சினிமா வரவேற்க வேண்டும் என்பது என் பணிவான வேண்டுகோள்
@ARMurugadoss @Atlee_dir @shankarshanmugh”

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