Actress Slammed Guy Who Trolled Rajinikanth During Sterlite Protest !!


In a way of countering to a popular twitter trend “Nan Than Pa Rajinikanth” in 2018, fans and followers of Superstar today trended “Nan Than Pa Bike Thirudan” to troll back the youth who asked “who are you” to Rajinikanth when he visited Thoothukudi after Sterlite protest. The trend “Nan Than Pa Bike Thirudan” emerged after the news of the guy’s arrest in a bike theft case surfaced in a daily newspaper.

In a case filed by Samkumar of Muthukrishnapuram about his bike being stolen, the police officers of Thoothukudi arrested three youngsters including the 24 year old Santhosh who tried to humiliate Rajinikanth by asking who he is to himself. The bike was recovered by the cops.

When Santhosh asked Rajinikanth “Who are you?”, the actor, with a smile replied to him by saying “It’s me Rajinikanth”. Following Santhosh’s interaction with the super star, the hashtag, Naanthanpa Rajinikanth (I am Rajinikanth) remained on top of Twitter trends. Now, fans and followers of the actor started trending, “Nanthan pa Bike thirudan” to troll him back.

Check out some of the reactions under the hashtag below :

Now actress Kasthuri who is known for voicing out her opinions about political issues, has slammed the youngster for involving in such act. She said that she thought the guy was a protester and said that he bought a theft bike 17,000 rupees which is worth Rs.2 Lakh. “Buying a vehicle for cheap rate by knowing that it is a theft one, is no less than stealing it directly” the actress said in her tweet.

“அடப்பாவி! ஏதோ போராளி போல நினைச்சுருந்தோமே! திருடலையாம். திருட்டு பைக்க வாங்கியிருக்கான். 2 லட்சம் பைக் 17000 க்கு… rc book இல்லாம… நேரடியா திருடறதுக்கு திருட்டு ப்பொருளை தெரிஞ்சே வாங்குறது ஒண்ணும் கொறஞ்சதில்லை.” read the tweet of Kasthuri.

Check out her tweet here :

To one of a twitter user who raised question against her by asking “So, according to you, if a poor buying a thing for second hand is theft ?” to which Kasthuri replied by saying “What would you call it if a guy buys a vehicle without RC book ?”

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