After Hasini Now A 3 Year Old Iinfant In Bangalore Is Sexually Assaulted. Here’s What Happened


Another molestation case has been filed in Bangalore. In this, a helper in a play school sexually assaulted a 3.5 year old kid. The news was brought to the light after the child’s parents filed a complaint on Friday. Police later arrested Manjunath, a non-teaching staff at the school. The complaint also brought light to many other parents stating same of how their kid had the same issue and that they didn’t want to go back to the play school.

“The child complained of abdominal pain on Friday, so we took her to a hospital. The doctors suspected that she may have been sexually abused and we filed a complaint on the same day and the police arrested Manjunath immediately,” a person close to the parents told TNM.

The director of the play school, Veena, told reporters that Manjunath had been fired on Saturday. He had been working at the play school for eight years, and the principal claimed that a thorough background check had been conducted before he was hired.

She also said that the CCTV footage of the school had already been handed over to the police.

However, parents of the children in the school have camped outside the school saying that the principal defended Manjunath.

“The principal now wants to get him out on bail. She is saying that he did nothing wrong and that he is a trusted employee as he has been working at the play school for many years,” a parent said.

The school has 160 children and 35 teaching and non-teaching staff.

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