After Listening To All The Advice From Her Father, Losliya Wants Her Mother To Talk With Kavin !! Video Goes Viral !!


The most anticipated episode of Losliya meeting her father after 10 long years streamed finally. The promo of the yesterday’s episode itself created ruckus in social media as netizens reacted in two different ways. One set of viewers loved the way her father behaved to Losliya and the other set of viewers saw it as a regressive way to restrict his daughter not to love someone.


He entered with Yuvan Shankar Raja’s “Anandha Yazhai” song which made Losliya to scream her heart out and cry. She ran and hugged him but the father looked very much dejected as he was affected by the comments of public. “I didn’t send you here for money. I will even beg for a living. They (public) are saying that I sent you here for money.” he said while stalking to Losliya who was seen crying.


He even talked to Kavin and said that he is not angry with him at all and asked him to play game as a game. “Being a father of my daughter, I will maintain my standard. I felt really bad when people around me talking bad about my daughter. If they are talking like that to infront of me. How extreme they will go in my absence” he worried about the public. “Even people who know me very well asked me if I am going to attend my daughter’s marriage while I was coming here. Imagine how I would have felt.” he said.


However, after listening to all this, a short video of Losliya asking her mother to talk with Kavin doing rounds in social media. While entering the house along with her mother after listening to her father, Losliya who saw Kavin asked her mother to talk with him which was refused by the mother in a subtle way.

Watch the video here :

This gesture from Losliya receiving major hatred from Netizens as they believe she has not understood the feelings of her father at all. Check out some of their reactions here :

However other set of fans who loves the relationship between Kavin and Losliya defended Losliya by saying that it is called as “True Love”

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