AIADMK Head Office Wants Sasikala To Be The Next Amma.


Sasikala Natarajan, the closest of the former Chief Minister and general secretary of the AIADMK Jayalalitha has been asked to step on to the shoes of the late Chief Minister,a tweet by an AIADMK mentioned. People of higher ranks in the party believe the void left by the late Chief Minister could be filled only by Sasikala.

In a tweet this afternoon, the AIADMK in a tweet said, “Senior functionaries of AIADMK urge Thirumathi Sasikala to lead the party on the path shown by Puratchi Thalaivi Amma.” This was discussed after the cabinet met for the first time officially after the death of Ms.Jayalalitha.

We will elect a capable person who takes care of the cadres and follows Amma’s footsteps,” said party spokesperson C Ponnaiyan. Through the period of Jayalalitha, any access to her was decided by Ms Natarajan, 54, who reportedly also took important decisions about Ms Jayalalithaa’s treatment along with doctors.

Sasikala also mentioned before that she wants to watch over AIADMK after Jayalalitha’s wishes. She also says that she wants to do it without acquiring official power. Many rumors are running around that people inside the party are wanting Sasikala to compete in the void left over by Jayalalitha in R.K.Nagar although Sasikala has no wishes to do it. Another rumor running around said that Sasikala has banned her family entry into the AIADMK party or any resources pertaining to it. Whatever happens is what only time could unveil.


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