AIADMK Politics-Everything That Has Happened Today.


The drama is still on while the citizens of Tamil Nadu wait patiently to see the unrest coming to an end and to know who our new Chief Minister would be.

Sasikala, who was thought to be having the majority has been facing unrest right now thanks to the ministers and MLA’s moving out into Panneerselvam’s side. Although the line seems to be drawn clear, it is still unknown who’d become the new Chief Minister. Time has to unravel that. Let’s have a briefing about what happened today.

1) Sasikala is expected to have 128 legislators including 27 ministers. It has been known that Sasikala has met the minsters held at the Golden Bay resort with a majestic fleet of over 30 SUVs.

2) Sasikala has mentioned to the governor stating that it has been 7 odd days since Panneerselvam resigned his Chief Minster post. Later she had been informing the governor, asking him to rush up the process.

3) On Wednesday, Sasikala has staked claim to form a government with 129 out of 134 legislators. Later the number has dwindled after many decided to join hands with Panneerselvam.

4) Currently there are around 10 legislators with Panneerselvam including prominent leaders of the party, These includes Ma Foi Pandiarajan, Ponnaiyan, Madhusudhanan and few more.

5) The battle was initiated by the resign of prominent senior leader PH Pandian and his son Manoj Pandian. This was later followed by the dramatic uprising of Panneerselvam. Amidst all opposition it looks like Panneerselvam is slowly gaining the upper hand.

6) With the tide turning slowly towards Panneerselvam, Sasikala has started urging the governor to announce his verdict soon. 

7) With the disproportionate assets case expected to be given verdict by the 14th of February, Sasikala is trying to rush up the process.

8) Panneerselvam also mentioned that Sasikala has asked the legislators held up in the Golden Bay resort to sign a blank sheet. With situations unfolding, it is expected that DMK-Congress would back up Panneerselvam in an attempt to overthrow Sasikala.

9) Sources also say that the governor is delaying his announcement so that he’d be able to hear the verdict of the court on the assets case and then anoint the Chief Minister.

10) The Tamil Nadu assembly has 235 members and to be chief minister, a leader has to prove the support of 118 lawmakers.


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