“Aishwarya Dutta Is Better Than Ramya NSK & Others” Said PRO Of Aishu !! Check What Ramya Did !!


Bigg Boss Tamil 2 contestant Aishwarya Dutta was recently criticised for targetting contestants Bhalaji and Riythvika in a recent task. Netizens were not really impressed with her behaviour and now wants her to get eliminated from the house.

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There was a task where Aishwarya was the dictator of the house and had all the powers to create new rules. During the task, a few clips were shown to Aishwarya, her adviser Janani and security Daniel where the inmates were seen commenting about her. In the clips, Balaji, Riythvika, Shariq, and Ponnambalam were talking ill about Aishwarya. After watching the clips, Aishwarya seemed to have gotten offended and got really furious and said a lot of things that did not come across well to the viewers. She decided to punish Bhalajie and the other inmates who spoke ill about her. Post this, Aishwarya had asked everyone to gather in the garden area but Bhalajie did not follow her instructions and that made Aishwarya even more furious. Aishwarya then ordered Shariq to throw garbage on Bhalajie to which Bhalajie reacted and told Big Boss that if anything wrong happens then he is not sure how he will react to it. Since Shariq did not follow Aishwarya’s orders, she went on to throw garbage on Bhalajie herself. Reacting to all this, Mumtaz broke down completely.

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In the next episodes of Bigg Boss, she did not gained any good name among Tamil audience as her deeds are not that much impressive. Ramya NSK the evicted contestant of Bigg Boss is actively using twitter and posting about Bigg Boss as well. Recently a twitter account which is named after Aishwarya Dutta wrote “She has seen struggles right from her tender age and fought against all odds, she made a name in movie industry without nepotism and also in BB without any background like or others and her name is AISH.

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On seeing this tweet Ramya NSK replied immediately by asking audience opinion on the statement of that twitter user. She asked “So what do you guys think?” to her followers :

Here’s what they think :



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