Aishwarya’s Real Face Came To Light !! The Current BIGG BOSS Queen Once An Adult Film Actress ?? SHOCKING !!


On Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil, the contestants took part in the nomination task. The contestants had to pick pictures of two contestants whom they wanted to nominate and then shred them. At the end of the process, Ponnambalam, Mumtaz, Mahat, Riythvika, Balaji, and Sharik were nominated. After the nominations, the housemates were given the weekly task.

Aishwarya became the dictator, Janani became her minister and Daniel became the commander. Bigg Boss sent Aishwarya, Daniel and Janani to a secret room where they were showed what others were saying. They saw Balaji speak ill of Aishwarya and demean her. So Aishwarya punished him by dumping trash on his head. This left the house stunned and Mumtaz ended up crying.

Daniel and Janani asked Aishwarya not to be rude and insensitive but Aishwarya looked like she was on a rampage.

She also dumped the belongings of Ponnambalam, Sharik and Riythvika into the swimming pool. As Balaji sat stunned at the same spot where he was punished with trash around him, Aishwarya got Sendrayan to curse him with abusive words and also told him to clean up the area near Balaji.

Aishwarya was angry as Balaji had again used innuendo about Yaashika, Sharik and her. She told Daniel and Janani that all she wanted now was to get back at Balaji. She said she is also ready to leave the show but she wanted to make sure that Balaji got what he deserved.

Meanwhile a shocking video surfaced on Instagram in an account called Aishwarya haters. In the video there were four girls involved in which Aishwarya Dutta is one among them. Two girls were seen involved in homosexual activities where Aishwarya is seen holding the camera and capturing everything by having a girl aside.

At one point she insists the other girl to hold the camera and started to get involved in adultery with one of the girl. The way she behaved in yesterday’s show created a massive outrage among Bigg Boss viewers. The contradiction between yesterday show’s Aishwarya and this video’s Aishwarya are complete contrast and we just cannot believe it.

Here’s the shocking video :

Video Credits : Aishwarya_haters

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