Anitha Sampath Exposed An Instagram User Who Abused A Random Girl !!


News reader cum Bigg Boss contestant Anitha Sampath is pretty much active in Instagram nowadays. She who is known for raising voicing against social injustice, exposed an online abuser lately through her Instagram stories. The user seems to have abused a random girl who supported the female contestants of the Bigg Boss show. Sharing the screen shots of the comments he made and his profile, Anitha asked him to send all the messages to his mother and sister.

Anitha Sampath, a news reader by profession, is currently running a youtube channel named “Anitha Sampath vlogs”. She is very much involved in interacting with her followers by answering to their questions regarding the reality game show, her personal life, youtube channel etc. Ever since coming out of the house, the actress is facing so much abuse and hate from the users of Instagram based on what was telecasted in the Kamal Haasan hosting show. She also exposed a number of abusers and people who sent inappropriate texts to her in Instagram through fake ids in social media.

Now, Anitha shared a couple of stories exposing an Instagram user who abused a girl for supporting the female contestants of the Bigg Boss show. “Guy abusing a girl who supported Bigg Boss female contestants” Anitha said in her story by uploading the screen shots of the comments made by the user whose handle name read as “Venu Tamizhan”.

In the screen shot we could see him abusing a female Instagram handle named Sridevi by using obscene language. “OK !! Randomly saw this.. Showing hatred on a girl who supported Bigg Boss female contestants ! I know it’s better to avoid these people. As he mentioned, he is not afraid to show his face. I wish to show his picture. If possible pls report. If not atleast, understand how much female are getting abused in social media just for show” Anitha wrote in her story.

Check out the screen shot of it below :

In her next story, Anitha uploaded a picture of Venu Tamizhand and spat at him. “Show all your messages to your mom and sister!!” she added.

Check out the screen shot below :

Here’s what Anitha said after the user changed his public profile into private :

During her Bigg Boss stint, Anitha got appreciated by Kamal Haasan for her speech on superstition in India and how it demeans every women in the country. Her progressive speech impressed thousands of people and it made her to stay inside the house longer.

After coming out of the house, Anitha said that the female contestants who participated in the Bigg Boss show are going through huge stress due to the negative comments they are receiving from the social media users. She also made trollers to realize that they are not going to earn anything by abusing the contestants. “You will start minding your business after posting a negative comment about an individual in social media but the one who is in the receiving end couldn’t forget it for a long time. It will hurt them” she said to make people understand the mental state of Bigg Boss participants.


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