Awake At This Time? This Trick Will Make You Fall Asleep In Just One Minute!


There can be many reasons for a sleepless night. And love is just one of them.

The fact that you’re awake and reading the article at this time itself means you too are having a sleepless night just as many others who are reading the story too. We have always been hearing that sleep is the best medication. But sleep in itself is very complicated. Today, our lifestyle has changed so much that we’re hardly able to get the required amount of sleep for our body. In an urge to be ahead of everyone in the rat race, the long working hours and endless stress keeps hampering our sleeping schedules. Also, our generation believes in the concept of work hard play hard which again messes up our sleeping patterns.

We want to live so much in such a less time that we often compromise on things we shouldn’t, which eventually affects our health. When 24 hours seem less in a day then the only think you decide to skip is not your work or your lunch, but your sleeping time. And eventually your body gets used to it, thus not letting you fall asleep even if you want to, on a particular night.
Therefore, if you too have been suffering from insomnia, here’s a quick trick that will make you fall asleep in just one minute. It is called the ‘4-7-8’ method. There is a process that you need to follow. Don’t worry, there are only 3 steps.
1. Breathe calmly for 4 seconds. 
2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds.
3. Breathe out slowly through your mouth for 8 seconds. 
Although it sounds very funny, the trick is extremely effective. Now if you’re wondering how this really works, here’s the answer:
When you’re stressed, the amount of adrenaline in your blood rises, as a result, your breathing gets faster and lighter. The 4-7-8 method acts as a kind of sedative. It slows down your breathing thus by forcing the rhythm of your heart to slow down, making you calm instantly. This exercise also calms down your mind as your complete concentration is on breathing. When you breathe slowly, your central nervous system reduces its activity thus your feeling of stress or nervousness goes away. 
The method was investigated by Harvard medical doctor Andrew Weil, who discovered that the ’4-7-8′ method was well-known to Indian yogi for several centuries. Indian yogis used it during meditation in order to achieve a state of complete relaxation. Therefore, needless to say, the method is completely safe. Now that it’s past 2:00 am, you should go to bed. You cannot even complain about not feeling sleepy because we just gave you a foolproof trick to fall asleep.


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