BIGG BOSS 2 This Week’s Leader Leaked !! After Nithya, This Time Another Controversial Contestant To Lead !!


Kamal Haasan began Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season two with a statement that sounded like his campaign slogan for the upcoming elections in Tamil Nadu. “Exceptions will not become a norm. Violation of the law will not go unpunished,” he said.

Kamal took Mumtaz and Balaji to task later. He reprimanded Mumtaz for refusing to wear her mic while making some ‘unreasonable’ demands. She was asked to take off her mic and stay in the garden area, denying her the permission to be part of show temporarily. Remember Kamal said, “Violation of the law will not go unpunished.” Next up was Balaji’s case. He crossed the lines many times this week by abusing and mistreating his wife on the show.

Kamal had to play a few ‘Kurum Padam’ (short films) to show that Nithya was being systematically sidelined to show her as the weaker contestant. And most of them were heavily censored, thanks to Balaji’s potty mouth. “I have played many short films on this stage. But this is the first time I have showed a film, which is filled with beeps,” Kamal noted.

The 63-year-old superstar warned Balaji not to use such foul languages as even children, including his own daughter, were watching the show. And he also refused to even hear Balaji’s explanation when the latter tried to justify his actions.

“You may think that what moral right do I have to question you?” Kamal said to Balaji. Kamal was referring to his failed relationships.

“I have endured heartbreaks during the breakups but I never spoke badly about anyone after,” he advised. “You should separate from a person with the same respect, you had on them when you first met them.”

The show ended with Kamal revealing that Ponnambalam has been saved from the elimination by the audience, while Ananth Vaidyanathan, Mamathi and Mumtaz were still in danger zone. And the next day it was announced that Mamathi was eliminated from the show.

As the second week ended this way it is now the time for the house mates to select a new leader one among themselves. There will be a task every week through which the leader will be selected. The leader of every week will enjoy the non-elimination as it is one of the rule not to nominate the leader for the elimination. As today’s promo suggested that the one who gets more “hugs” will lead the housmates, now an evidence surfaced which is clearly denoting who is the leader.

The episode of today’s morning masala revealed the leader of this week where Danny asks Vaishnavi to add sugar or not in her coffee. Vaishnavi says “I will add myself” and starts adding sugar in her Coffee. For this Sendraayan says “I will get angry if my leader do any work” for which Balaji replies “She adds sugar for her coffee that is not a notable work”.

This conversation reveals that This week’s leader is “Vaishnavi” who could not be eliminated this week and She will be seen giving orders this week. Watch the video below :

What do you think on Vaishnavi being leader of this week ? comment below !!


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