Bigg Boss Kaajal Called Out A Guy Who Made Obscene Comment !!


Kajal Pasupathi who participated the second season of Bigg Boss show, has been very much active in the micro blogging social media site, expressing her views on the political happenings that is taking place in the society. In one of her recent tweet, the actress slammed a man who made derogatory reply to one of her tweet. She asked him to go with her to the Police station for his cheap comment.

The actress who started her career as a video jockey in sun music channel, went on to act in films such as “Mowna Guru”, “Ko”, “Katham Katham”, “Kalvanin Kadhali” etc. Irrespective of the celebrity image, she has been constantly replying to all the tweets she finds interesting in Twitter. Recently she replied with emojis to a joke that was shared in the social media site.

In the joke which was made on marriage life, the guy who shared it said that only after getting married he came to know why men are working overtime in office. The joke indirectly meant that men are working overtime in office to avoid spending time with their wives.

Check out the tweet here :

Kaajal who saw this tweet, replied to it with mixed reactions. Check out her reply below :

To this tweet of Kaajal, a guy named as Ravannan, posted a reply writing a long Tamil poem which the actress couldn’t understand.

When Kaajal said that she couldn’t understand what we wrote, the guy replied by writing “Come to room. I will explain to you”

On seeing this obscene reply, Kaajal immediately called him out by sharing his tweet and asked him to go with her to the Police station. “Police station ku nee variya da” her reply read.

To a user who asked her to report him, she said that he is just another wasted shit.

Check out some of the other reactions the actress’s reply receiving :

The number of abusive texts that are being received by females in social media platforms from abusers are increasing in daily basis. Knowing that there is no severe laws created yet to put them behind the bars for making a comment in social media, people, mostly men who owns a smartphone are sending abusive texts to whomsoever they want without giving a thought about the consequences. It is high time for such people to think twice before letting their words out in social media.


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