“BIGG BOSS SEASON 1 Is The Best” Says This Actress !! Check Out The Reason She States !!


Bigg Boss season 3 successfully ended with Mugen rao grabbing the title. Sandy became the first runner up where as Losliya was pushed to the third place. Wishes are pouring from across the world for Mugen as he won the title of Bigg Boss season 3. He broke the stereotype and became the first contestant to win the title after winning ticket to finale task. In previous season, Snehan and Janani failed to hold the trophy after winning ticket to finale.


Now Gayathri Raguramm, popular actress and former Bigg Boss contestant came up with a tweet endorsing a fan who said that the season 1 of the Bigg Boss show is best. Gayathri Raguramm who took part in the first season, became one of the controversial contestants in Bigg Boss history for her dominant behaviour. Gayathri Raguram Got Extremely Angry On Knowing About Kavin’s Issue !! Check Why !!

In her tweet, Gayathri said “It was new for ss1 contestant, it was new for public too. It was real deal for us. We had no idea. I had no idea about BB. Anyways BB is its own brainchild by endemole and team. Vijay tv πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™” she wrote in her tweet.

Check out her tweet below :

Followed by this, she posted a tweet explaining the nature of Bigg Boss show as she wanted everyone to stop the negativity. “Even a villain is a hero in their story and hero is a villain to a villain. There is good and bad in everyone. Take care. Stop judging ppl. it’s just reflection of one to another. Spread only positivity.” she wrote.

Gayathri Raguramm is a dance choreographer and actress who has worked in the South Indian film industry. The daughter of prominent choreographer Raghuram, Gayathri began her career as an actress in the 2002 film Charlie Chaplin and after a career break, she began working as a choreographer in films during 2008.

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