“Blue Satta” Maaran Thrashed All The Three Recently Released Movies !! WATCH !!


“Blue Sattai” Maaran is one of the prominent movie reviewers of Kollywood films. He is very well known for his rural slang, funny phrases, short stories and real life incidents in his movie reviews. For his unique style of movie reviewing, the man who always wears blue shirt has a separate set of fan following and his youtube channel Tamil talkies enjoys more than 9 lakh subscribers.

The man who is known for his funny phrases and negative reviews, thrashed all the three movies that are released this week. Nenjamundu Nermayundu Odu Raja, Game Over, Suttu Pidikka Utharavu are the Tamil movies that were released this week.

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Many followers of him predicted that he would give a positive review for the Nenjamundu Nermayundu Odu Raja movie as it was made by his fellow youtube stars. To the contrast, Maaran said that the movie lacked reality. “Doing a commercial movie, they had the liberty to do whatever they wish to make the audience engaged but they failed to do it which became as a major minus for the film” he started his review.

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“The film failed to visually communicate with the audience and most of the scenes including the important ones are explained through dialogues which is not really impressive. Logic loopholes are common in these kind of movies but this movie blatantly crossed the border. Watching the entire movie felt like watching a Youtube program in big screen. Both are different. Even a common movie goer would say that the makers did not have enough experience and exercise to make a feature film.”  Maaran expressed his disappointment.

Watch his review here :

While reviewing the movie “Game Over” which had Tapsee Pannu in the lead, Blue Satta said that the movie is only for intellectuals and he needed a catalogue to watch the movie as he got many phone calls from the fans for giving bad review for NGK. “Most of them told us to watch the movie in a certain way. Thus please provide us a catalogue to watch movies like NGK and Game Over” said Blue Satta.

Watch the review of “Game Over” here :

For “Suttu Pidikka Utharavu” Maaran said that the movie had an astonishing twist in the climax but the screenplay was not that fair to bear. Having Vikranth and Athulya Ravi in the lead, alongside directors Suseenthiran and Mysskin, The film is written and directed by Ramprakash Rayappa with music composed by Jakes Bejoy, cinematography done by Sujith Sarang, edited by G. Ramarao and produced by P.K. Ram Mohan.

Watch the review of “Suttupidikka Utharavu” here :

Have you watched any of these movies ?? If yes, comment your views below of the reviews of Blue Satta Maaran.


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