Cash Reward Announced By “Indu Makkal Katchi” For Anyone Who Kicks Vijay Sethupathi !!


A tweet uploaded by the official twitter handle of “Indu Makkal Katchi” about announcing cash prize for anyone who kicks Vijay Sethupathi created outrage among the public and the actor’s fans. Through the tweet, the party claims that Vijay degraded Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar and the cash prize of Rs. 1001 will be provided to anyone who kicks the actor until he gives a clarification on the same.

A shocking video of actor Vijay Sethupathi getting attacked while being escorted by securities went viral across the social media platforms. The video showed a tall person kicking the actor while he was being accompanied by the securities in Bengaluru airport. The 6 second clip is trended with fans reacting in various ways. When questioned, Vijay Sethupathi issued a statement saying that it is just a minor altercation.

Tweet of “Hindu Makkal Katchi” said that Vijay insulted freedom fighter Pasumpon Muthurama linga Devar. “Arjun Sampath announces cash prize of Rs. 1001 for anyone who kicks Vijay Sethupathi for insulting Devar Ayya. Rs. 1001 will be rewarded until he issues an apology” tweet of Indu Makkal Katchi read.

Check out the reply below :

According to India Today, Arjun Sampath agreed that he has given such a statement and that it was related to the viral video. The politician said that he spoke to Maha Gandhi who attempted to kick Vijay Sethupathi and alleged that the actor was being sarcastic and it led to altercation. “Maha Gandhi wished Vijay Sethupathi for receiving national award and he replied saying that it is not a nation at all” Arjun Sampath said, adding that Maha Gandhi invited him to attend Pasumpon Muthurama Linga Thevar Pooja. “But Vijay Sethupathi replied saying that the only “Thevan” in the world is “Jesus”. This led to the altercation. He insulted Pasumpon and the nation” Arjun Sampath said, according to India Today.

Arjun Sampath also said that he spoke to Maha Gandhi directly and decided to announce the cash reward. He wanted Vijay Sethupathi to deny those clams of Maha Gandhi if he didn’t say anything similar. Check out some of the reactions that surfaced for Indu Makkal Katchi’s tweet :


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