Celebrities Got Emotional & Raised Voice For Pon Tharani!!


Followed by thousands of people, wekk known celebrities from Tamil film industry raised voice for the justice of Ponthaarini who killed herself after getting sexually harassed. She left a note before killing herself and the picture of the letter created huge outrage among the public as she named a grandfather-like figure and a teacher as her harassers. Including actor Kamal Haasan, Actress Janani, director Rathnakumar, many others uploaded tweets seeking justice for the victim.

Hashtag “Justice For Pomtharani” is trending in the micro blogging social media site since Saturday morning after a news on a 17 year old girl committing suicide due to the sexual harassment she faced by a teacher. On Thursday, parents of the victim alleged that the extreme decision was made by their daughter only due to the sexual harassment she faced.

Identified as Pon Tharani, the 17 year old deceased was studying 12th standard. Born to Magudeeshwaran, she was living with her family in Kottaimedu, Coimbatore. It has been reported that Pon was studying 12th standard in the Chinmaya Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary school, where she was sexually harassed. After bringing about the same to the attention of her parents, Pon Tharani was shifted to another school, a couple of months ago.

Reports suggests that the kid could have been traumatized by the incident that happened to her. On Thursday, when there was no one in the room, Pon tharani locked her room and hanged herself from a ceiling fan. Parents of the deceased raised a legal complaint in the Ukkadam Police station. In the complaint letter, the parents have mentioned that their daughter has left a suicide note naming a school teacher and two others who sexually harassed her.

A teacher named Mithun Chakravarthy has been taken into custody after the protest made by the parents of the victim. He was booked under protection of children from sexual offences act and also under the Indian Penal Code section 306 (Abetment of suicide). A letter is doing rounds in social media platforms, claiming that it was written by the victim before taking her life off.

Along with public, many celebrities from Tamil film industry has been raising voice for the demise of the minor girl. Check out some of their posts below :


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