Celebrities Raised Voice Against “Karuppar Koottam” Youtube Channel !!


On Monday, along with BJP party members, several other Hindu organisations sought immediate action against a youtube channel named as “Karuppar Kootam” which allegedly made derogatory comments on Hindu lord “Muruga”. In a memorandum to District collector K Rajamani, representatives of party’s district unit and the outfits alleged a man in his Youtube channel made abusive remarks against “kandha sashti Kavasam” which is a song dedicated to Lord Muruga.

Members of BJP led by Coimbatore Urban district secretary CR Nandakumar and leaders of Hindu Munnettra Kazhagam and Vivekananda Peravai said that they can no longer tolerate such “slanders” against their God and religion. They demanded stringent action including arrest, against the Youtuber for his derogatory comments which they believe could lead to a communal trouble.

The Rashtriya Sanatana Seva Sangham and Hindu Makkal Katchi approached their respective city police commissioners and demanded the channel to get a permanent ban for allegedly making intolerable comments against their God and religion. They also seeked immediate arrest against the man. This issue created huge outrage in social media platforms as well. Actor Prasanna, Youtube influencer RJ Vignesh kanth and several others reacted to the issue through their respective social media accounts.

“Making vulgar statements in the name of criticizing someone’s belief beyond limit is not at all good for secularism. The blame game wouldn’t help as well. Every individual’s own belief is superior for him. The idiot who doesn’t know how to respect it must be punished for the sake of the secular country. Beyond the belief in religion, the most important thing is to have the belief in secularism” wrote actor Prasanna while reacting to the issue.

Check out his tweet here :

Popular actor YG Mahendran’s daughter Madhuvanthi demanded apology from the youtubers.

“எது ஆபாசம் ? உறுப்புகளை காக்க சொல்வது ஆபாசமா ? அப்போ, உறுப்புகளே ஆபாசம் தானே… ?! பகுத்து அறிவதற்கும் ஒரு விசாலமான பார்வை தேவை… வாய் இருக்குனு பேச ஆரம்பிச்சா , விவாதம் பிறக்காது, வெறுப்புணர்வே விஞ்சி நிற்கும் .” wrote RJ Vignesh Kanth in his tweet.

Actress Kasthuri also condemned their videos through her tweet :

Director Gaurav Narayanan who is known for making films such as Sigaram Thodu, Thoonganagaram released a video condemning the actof Karuppar Kootam.

Many other social media users condemning the videos uploaded by the “Karuppar Koottam” youtube channel.


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