Chennai Corporation to work on Chennai roads?


                                             Chennai Corporation to Upgrade 26 City Roads

 The Corporation of Chennai (CoC) in an attempt to transform the quality of roads in the city has proposed to upgrade 26 more roads to international standards.
The Tamil Nadu Infrastructure Financial Services Limited (TNUIFSL) has completed preparation of Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) for upgradation of four roads to international standards as per earlier proposals.
According to sources from the Corporation, the civic body plans to start upgradation of 4 main arterial roads in Chennai — Dr Ambedkar Road, Ashok Nagar first, fourth and eleventh avenue at an estimated cost of Rs 135 crore. These 4 project roads will have uniform lane throughout the entire corridor and new roads with reflectors affixed central median. Footpaths will be laid at Rs 36 crores, the sources added.
The width of the pedestrian footpaths will vary between 2.1 and 3.5 m and they will be surfaced with granite blocks. These pathways will be separated from the traffic lanes with white topping by a 150 mm wide mountable granite kerb.
To prevent the pedestrians from slipping onto the travel lanes, guardrails will be fixed throughout the entire stretch. These rails will also be at least 25 m for cross roads for safer crossing of roads, along with marked pedestrian crossings with suitable zebra-crossings and tabletops.
Ramps and ductile to help differently abled persons along with bollards to discourage motorised vehicles from encroaching pathways will also be fixed. A 2 metre-wide coloured cycle track separated by studs or cat’s eye will be constructed adjacent to the travel lanes.
The DPT proposes to construct bus bays, parking lots with stainless steel shelters, insulated roofs along with drinking water kiosks, public toilets near the bus stops and major gathering points. As an attraction, the civic body also promises to install self-vending coffee or tea kiosks, stone benches (street furniture), modern LED street lights and telephone booths in these four project roads.
Adjacent to the cycle tracks, a 500 mm wide space has been assigned for a line of trees in addition to grass plantation on the centre median and traffic islands. If there was adequate space for vending activities, it may also be provided for street vending shops on the footpath. New longitudinal drains are proposed for the project roads as a part of shifting and strengthening sewer and water lines.
The DPR also states that box type RCC Storm Water Drains (SWD) shall be buried on the roads adjacent to the footpath kerb and perforated top slabs and vertical coloured grating will be fixed to collect the water. Along with the construction of these facilities, utility ducts for electricity and telecom cables will be constructed, officials said recently.
Road Name, Length
Dr Ambedkar Road 0.6 km
Ashok Nagar 1st avenue 0.3 km
Ashok Nagar 4th avenue 1.25 km
Ashok Nagar 11th avenue 1 km
Total 3.2 KM
Major Attractions:
Uniform lane with reflectors affixed central median
2.1 to 3.5 m wide footpaths with separators
Pedestrian guardrails to prevent slipping onto traffic lane
2m wide coloured cycle tracks
Bus stops with drinking water kiosks, public toilets nearby
Self-vending coffee or tea kiosks, stone benches (street furniture)
500mm wide tree lines, grass plantations on central median & traffic islands
Source – The New Indian Express


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