Chennai Software Engineer Gets Arrested For Stalking Woman!!


Greeshma Kuthar, a journalist has shared a bizarre incident that has happened to her at Anna Nagar junction in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She has posted the tweet thread to make people become aware of what has happened and has also asked them to voice out.

Greeshma @jeegujja has been approached by a guy in a junction at Anna Nagar. He has tried to engage in a conversation with her. Greeshma showed no interest and moved with her scooter. But the guy didn’t give up. He went in front of her in his car and again he started arguing with her. Greeshma managed to take a picture of the register number which is when he moved from the place.

Photo Took By Greeshma

Greeshma then went to the traffic police a few meters away asking them to track the perv. They directed her to the Traffic control room. There was no one at the spot. Even after half an hour, no one was available. When she tried opening the shut door a person came out and asked her to wait. Another person came and directed her to K4. She went there and reported everything that happened. Greeshma didn’t reveal that she is a journalist. When she did so while leaving they were ‘jerked up’. The procedures rightly happened the next day.

Greeshma has mentioned in her post that this has happened quite post the 2020 lockdown she herself has got personal experiences in Anna Nagar. Also, she has said that we have to voice out this whenever it happens and seek help from the cop. She has concluded the tweet by telling people affected by these kinds of harassment to direct message her.

The Chennai Police had replied to the tweet of the journalist. They have replied, “Accused was secured immediately and will be remanded soon.”

She has also given an update appreciating the cop on tracking down the culprit. She has also said this is the first time an action has been taken for this. It is also found that the guy is a software engineer who returned from the United States.


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