Cheran Seeks Police Advice To Stop Receiving Fake Messages !!


All of us would have received a text message claiming that we have won a huge sum of amount for our cell phone contact number from a random unrecognisable firm at least once in our lifetime. The text message would ask us to click a link to get the money transferred directly in our bank account. Most of us would not bother about the text, knowing it could be a fake and would refuse responding to it. However, there are cases where people lost thousands and lakhs of their money, while trying to get the money mentioned in the phoney text they received.

In a way of creating awareness to this spam, Tirunelveli Deputy commissioner Arjun Saravanan, uploaded post asking people to be alert. These kind of spams are also taking place through email communication. “As people are glued to their cell phones during this COVID 19 time, the below attached messages are doing rounds again. These kind of texts are 100% fake and people are advised to be safe. If you fail to be alert, you might lose your money. Careful.America doesn’t contain poor people ??” wrote the police officer and created awareness.

The screenshot he attached, showed a woman named as Grace from USA offering help to Indian poor people by donating $3,900,000. Check out his tweet here :

Many of his followers thanked the police officer for creating awareness. Meanwhile, director Cheran, a three time national award winning filmmaker asked Arjun Saravanan if there is any way to stop or take action against this kind of malpractice. “Not only through email, these kind of texts are reaching our cell phones through text messages as well” Cheran wrote in his tweet.

Replying to this tweet of Cheran, Deputy Commissioner Arjun said that it is bit hard to catch those culprits as they are functioning from other states and from other countries. “They are initiating bank accounts and sim card by using the Aadhar cards of innocents. Even if we arrest them, confiscating the money back from them is difficult. Being aware is better” read the reply tweet of the cop.

Have you ever received such message ?? Comment your views before spreading the word of the Police officer !!


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