Chinmayi’s Gesture To Help Daily Labours Winning The Internet !!


Chinmayi came up with an unique initiative to help people who are dependent on daily incomes at this lockdown situation. The popular singer is getting great response from her followers and from the users of the micro blogging social media platform. Few even volunteered themselves to help them on their own interest.

Being a talented Singer with beautiful voice, Chinmayi is known for the songs she sung for several music directors in Indian film industry. We have seen Chinmayi sharing many stories that she faced in her life and the stories of others which was shared to her via social media inbox. Most of them made us worry as it would be about some predator who harassed woman and few made us to get angry on them as well. But this recent initiation of Chinmayi made her followers happy in big time which is evident through the comment section of her tweet.

Singer Chinmayi said that has been asked by her followers to sing or to send birthday wishing videos for their loved ones through social media. “And I have been doing this too” says the singer who added that she decided to do it for charity hereafter. I have made a list of people who were dependent on daily income and are badly hit. Transfer money to them.. Send me a screenshot.. and I will video record a personalized birthday wish/song and send it to you” she said with a smile.

Here’s her post :


“For the sake of beneficiaries’ privacy and dignity, I am not revealing their details on a public platform. These are people dependent on daily incomes who have been severely affected by the lockdown. Details will be shared in private.” she added in her next tweet.

Check out her tweet here :

This tweet is receiving immensely positive response from her followers. Few asked for the details of those beneficiaries to help them. Check out some of the reactions she received below :

Chinmayi is known for voicing out for the girls who became victim of sexual harassment. Now, she also started voicing out for the poor and needy in this critical situation. These kind of ideas would pop up in the minds of people who truly care to help and Chinmayi is one such.


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