Couple Got Married Through Video Call Due To Lockdown !! WATCH


This lockdown has taught us many things such as maintaining social distance, surviving with limited budget, spending time with our loved ones without seeing each other etc. Now, to our surprise, it even taught the people of our country to get married through video call. Yes, you read it right. A bride and groom who got stuck in Uttar Pradesh and Kerala due to lockdown, got married through video call to make it happen in the date they fixed earlier.

Srijith who belongs to Changanassery in Kerala’s Kottayam, is working in a bank. He got engaged with Anjana who belongs to Pallipad, Alappuzha in November month. Anjana is an engineer by profession who works in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Family members of both of them decided to conduct the marriage on 26th of April. Due to the lockdown announcement which was made by our honourable Prime minister on 24th of March, Anjana couldn’t reach her hometown. However, family members decided to conduct the marriage on the 26th of April. They planned to conduct the marriage through online video conference.

On the marriage day, Anjana who lives in an apartment in Lucknow, got herself prepared for her marriage in traditional attire. Srijith went to the bride’s house in Pallipad with his family members in groom get up. The family members did every arrangement for an uninterrupted online conference facility.

At the time of Muhurtham, Srijith tied knot to his smart phone by seeing Anjana in the video call. Anjana who reportedly had a Mangalsutra in lucknow, tied knot to herself. Srijith kept Kumkuma to his cell phone by seeing Anjana in video call who kept it herself in Lucknow. Friends and relatives sent them wishes through Whatsapp according to reports. The family members of the bride tod to media that Srijith and Anjana will live together once she comes from Uttar Pradesh post lockdown. Marriage registration will be done once government lifts up the lockdown said Srijith, according to reports.

This news went viral in social media platforms and video of the same event is being widely shared by the users of it.

Check out the video below :

Check out some of the reactions this marriage is receiving :

Let us wish the couple to have a happy, healthy and successful marriage life ahead. As far as the Lockdown limitation is concerned, the government is likely to extend in order to avoid people getting infected in large number. So far India discovered 31, 787 positive corona cases and the death toll raised to 1008. Maharashtra continues to be the most affected state with 9,318 positive cases.


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