Delhi Leads In The ‘Desi P0rn’ Traffic With A Whopping 39% Consumption, Chennai Ranks 2nd


When you’re doing it in style, why not do it desi? Times Of India requested P0rn Hub (you wouldn’t need an introduction to this site), to share their viewership trends, and what they revealed was quite amusing.

But what’s funnier is the search tags used on this site – “Indian college girls”“Indian bhabhi,” “Bengali” and “Indian aunty”. Errm, moving away from the extremely awkward moment we’re having here…


The word “ass” also seems to be a fetish among the men here, with a shocking (not really actually) 46% of viewership along with the word “School” (Okay this one is just sad).
Chennai follows Delhi with a 6% gap of viewership from that of Delhi, however the watch time for Chennaites is less than 2 Minutes (We suggest they visit Dr. Mahindra Watsa immediately before it gets shorter than that).


Kolkata has a completely different fetish for ‘Hentai’, a kind of Japanese anime category.
And Mumbai stands fourth with a fetish for “Older Women”.


We’re unsure about why you might find this article worthy of a read, but at least you know the next time you see a resident of Kolkata speak about Anime, you know where they get their dope from.

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