Director Perarasu Opened On The Reviews Of “Annatthe” !!


Director Perarasu who is known for directing blockbuster films such as “Thiruppachi”, “Sivakasi”, came up with an emotional tweet slamming reviewers who are spreading negative reviews for Rajinikanth-starring “Annatthe”. It is notable that the film is being severely compared with his own film “Thiruppachi” which contains similar story plot. The filmmaker said that a film will have positives and negatives and expressed his disappointment over reviewers treating the negatives of the film as treason.

“Annatthe” released on theatres across the world on the special occasion of “Diwali” festival with much expectations. Fans of the actor who didn’t get satisfied with his previous film “Darbar” were eagerly waiting for the film to get released. However, as soon as getting released, the film started receiving mixed reviews from the fans. Many said that the film didn’t work due to its slow pace and the old school brother-sister sentiment. However, Super star Rajinikanth’s screen presence and energy got admired by the audience.

The Siva directorial revolves around “Kaalaiyan” who is the president for a number of villages in a rural part of Tamil nadu. Sky is the limit for the amount of affection he has for his sister, played by Keerthy Suresh. She gets eloped with her boy friend after nodding “yes” to her affectionate brother who fixes an alliance for her. She happily lives in Kolkata after marrying her boyfriend until villain enters to illegally control her firms. Rest of the film relies on the struggles faced by Keerthy Suresh and how Kaalaiyan destroys the villain and his aides.

Despite of the decent plot and star studded casting, the slow paced screen play and cliched sentiment scenes tested the patience of audience. Almost all the reviewers of Kollywood film industry criticized the film for the weak plot. On seeing the negative reviews, Director Perarasu who recently joined BJP party, came up with a tweet writing “A film will have positives and negatives. It is disheartening to see few treating the negatives of the film as a treason and reviewing it with vengeance, hatred and in an uncivilized manner”

“Standards of few Youtube reviews are lower. Though, the success of “Annatthe” will make them admire the film” he added. Check out his tweet below :

When a follower justified people reviewing the film, Perarasu came up with a reply saying that Cinema and Politics are subjected for criticisms and added that he mentioned about the personal attcks made by some reviewers.

Here’s the tweet of the filmmaker that was posted on the movie’s release day :


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