Does Your Phone Battery Die Soon? Worried About Phones Battery Life? Uninstall These Apps Now!

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Almost the entire population are using(well, actually addicted to) smart phones. We can be without anything but not without using our phones for a day. And being our vital element, we are hyper enough to download all the new apps that come in the market. But, do you really think you need all of them and how many of them are actually useful while the rest just drain your phone’s battery!
Yeah some apps are the worst enemies to your phone and though you might want them, be prepared to face heavy battery drains. Some of the worst used apps for your phone are these..
1. Battery Saver Apps

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Battery saver or RAM cleaning apps are the ones that silently run in the background even if the Smartphone is sitting idle. These apps on a regular basis keep scanning the handset for battery-hogging apps or junk files, and clean or shut them down without giving users a slightest hint.
Yeah right, they are supposed to save your battery life but then they need to keep running and ultimately drains your battery by itself!

2. Social Media Apps

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Facebook is surely the most popular smartphone app, but at the same time it also among the most battery-draining apps. Its Messenger app too exhausts the smartphone’s battery. Other heavy social-media apps include Snapchat, Skype and Instagram. The app keeps running in the background as it sends notifications.
Basically, you cannot be without using Fb and Insta in your phone. Just make sure you close the app after using so that they don’t keep running in the background.

3. Anti-Virus Apps

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Anti-virus apps run in the background periodically, scanning the complete smartphone and fixing the potential threats. The more the number of apps, the longer it takes to scan the smartphone and drains out more battery.
Sure, they are going to keep your phone safe but drain your battery too.

4. Photo Editing Apps

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Photo-editing apps are generally heavy in size and require a lot of processing power to edit images. If you like to take a lot of pictures and edit them in your phone, then you should carry a portable charger at all times.
Right after taking a pic, we need to edit it and post it online isn’t it? No way we’re losing these apps!

5. Internet Browser Apps

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They stay active in the background to give you instant access to content but at the same time they also help in draining out the battery life of your handset. You can uninstall extra browser apps from your smartphone as all of them already come with a default browser app.
Google chrome, Firefox, Safari all are going to show you the same results. Just have one and get rid of the rest!

6. Gaming Apps

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It will be very difficult to uninstall gaming apps from your phone if you’re are addicted to playing always. But the fact is, these little apps consume a lot of your battery’s life and drains it faster than any of the above mentioned apps.
Addicted to Pokemon Go now? You’ll never see 100% battery notification ever 😛

So now that you know which apps are actually draining your phone’s battery life, use them if needed and discard the rest! 


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