Don’t Know What To Do After Getting Cancelled By Your Cab Drivers Multiple Times ?? Here’s What You Can Do


Many of us, while stepping out of house with the hope of booking a cab to reach our destination quicker, would have left frustrated by our dear drivers who operate vehicles for major cab aggregators of India such as Ola, Uber. One of the many reasons to get upset by them is, getting cancelled without prior information or any information. It would happen right after they ask our location or after knowing about the less charge he is going to get paid after dropping us. Well, other than lamenting about it to our friends or colleagues after reaching the destination post such “struggles”, we won’t have much options. Here, Vijay Gopal, an anti-corruption and consumer rights’ activist from Hyderabad has something for us.

Vijay who believes that this part subjectivity on the part of a common services provider was not acceptable, led him to file a Public Interest Litigation to get the courts to intervene and provide a redressal mechanism for hassled commuters due to drivers of cabs denying a passenger a ride after accepting them for various reasons.

The first step while booking a cab through any cab aggregator is to take screenshot of the cab number from your mobile. You can share the end destination with your cab driver if he asks about the same by calling you after accepting the ride. If the driver refuses to let you board on his vehicle after after knowing about your end destination, share the date, time, location with your city Traffic police on twitter or via WhatsApp. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the cancelled ride to share with the traffic police.

Vijay Gopal

Reports suggests that Cancellation of ride attracts a penalty of Rs 500 for state run buses and Rs 200 for private cabs, which the state police directly raises on the vehicle, u/s 178 (3) (a) of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Vijay wants the consumer to address all the details of the issue. He also shares about why driver cancels the ride after knowing that the mode of payment is going to be through digital and went on to explain that the commercial vehicle license rules mandates that the holder of the license shall not deny a passenger a ride for any reason when he is on duty.

According to The Better India, angst of the youth comes from one of his very personal experience. While he was struggling from serious foot injury and couldn’t walk, Vijay was trying to book a cab and got cancelled by multiple cabs for a straight 40 minutes The activist says that his angst doesn’t go away without having addressed the situation and added that it is the exact reason behind why he is fighting for this particular cause.

Source: The Better India


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