“Don’t Spread Rumours” Director Ameer On SP Jananathan’s Health !!


On Thursday, Kollywood filmmaker SP Jananathan who is known for directing significant films such as “Iyarkai”, “Peranmai”, “Porampokku” found unconscious at his residence and taken to Apollo hospital on Thursday. Recently, reports emerged saying that the filmmaker got passed way without responding to the treatment. However, director Ameer and Karu. Pazhaniyappan came up with updates informing that the “Ee” filmmaker is still getting treatment and asked people not to spread rumours. The filmmaker was in observation with ventilator according to his close friend Azhagan tamizhmani.

The filmmaker was reportedly editing a movie on Thursday and left the studio to have lunch. When he didn’t return for a long time, his assistants went to his home and found him lying unconscious. The doctors, after checking him, reportedly said that the film director is brain dead and a neurologist monitored him closely since then.


Actor Danny Annie Pope who was acting in the filmmaker’s latest film “Laabam” uploaded a story in his Instagram account saying that his heart aches. “manasu Valikuthu sir” he wrote in his post whereas many others came up with condolence message for the demise for the filmmaker.

Clips from his movies are surfacing in internet with heart felt messages from the fans of Tamil cinema. SP Jananathaan was busy completing his upcoming film “Laabam” of Vijay Sethupathi and Shruthi haasan which was in its final stages of production.

He won national award for his debut film “Iyarkai” and made several impactful films throughout his filmmaking career. Many people in social media came up with tweets offering condolences for the demise of the filmmaker.

In a way of clearing the air, director Ameer released a statement asking people not to spread false information. Director Karu. Pazhaniyappan, in his tweet said “SP Jananathan is still getting treatment. Specials including Doctor Ramanarasimman, Doctor Srinivasan, Doctor Murugan have started operating. Get well soon friend. We have a lot to do”


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