“Eruma Saani” Youtube Channel Facing The Wrath Of Social Media For Their “Pullingo” Video !!


“Pullingo” is a trending term in Chennai to refer the boys who tries to portray themselves as one of a kind. The term became popular once the song “Gumbalaga Suthuvom” which was made by Independent Gana Artist Stephen went viral. Since then many memes and videos based on “Pullingo” started surfacing in Internet.

Now a famous youtube channel named as “Eruma Saani” has posted a video based on “Pullingo”. The video which is now deleted by the channel, contained toxic content which abused those people. The video received severe hatred for its untasteful comment on the separate set of people who are called as “Pullingo”. The video was allegedly made in Bear Grylls’s Man vs Wild format.

“Being started as a meme content, “Pullingo” is now portrayed as a dangerous creatures” said people who saw the video. The video allegedly showed a man making “Pullingo” to pick up their ornaments from roadside in order to catch them. Their racist comments against “Pullingo” receiving severe hatred from the social media users.

Journalist Iyan Karthikeyan posted a video slamming the youtube channel for their toxic content. In his video, Iyan asks the makers of “Eruma Saani” to know about the people who originated from Chennai before thinking of making such contents. “It looks like you are ready to do content out of anything that is trending to earn money.” he says.

Watch his video here :

Source : You Turn

Check out some of the reactions surfaced in twitter regarding Pulling video :

“It was casteist, crass and I felt like wearing a mask due to the amount of toxicity spewing from it” said Singer and composer Tenma, a part of Casteless Collective band to The News Minute.


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