Everything You Need To Know About Dr. Saravanan Who Was Found Dead In AIIMS Delhi


Saravanan grew up in Vellingadu, a village near Tiruppur. While his father is a tailor at a private garment factory, Saravanan’s ambition had been clear from a young age.  He had set his heart and mind to becoming a doctor.

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The 26-year-old, Dr. Saravanan Ganesan, an AIIMS student was found dead, lying on his bed in his South Delhi apartment on July 10. The Delhi police suspect his death to be suicide.  He was found with one cannula inserted in his right hand which had been plastered for support and two syringes that possibly had potassium chloride.  
But his family refuses to believe that he committed suicide. Saravanan’s brother-in-law Saravana Kumar, who went to Delhi to receive his body, said, “Even the most experienced right-handed doctor cannot inject a cannula in his right arm perfectly. The cap of the syringe was missing. There was no empty vial in the room. While the police claim to have broken into the room, there were no signs of that having done because all the locks were in place when I had come to collect his belongings.”  
He asserted that someone like Saravanan, who had aced the medical exam and was a meritorious student could not have killed himself.  
He last spoke to his parents on Saturday and sounded normal. Both his family and friends are opposed to believing that he would have committed suicide and submitted a letter to the Tiruppur district administration on Friday. Saravanan’s friends have launched a “Justice for Saravanan” campaign on social media


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