Famous Actress Criticized “Jai Bhim” Movie For “Misrepresenting” The Real Incident !!


Kollywood’s Multi faceted Lakshmi Ramakrishnan who is known for appearing in films such as “Boss Engira Baskaran” came up with a series of tweets condemning “Jai Bhim” makers for misrepresentation. She said that people stood together irrespective of caste and creed against police brutality and expressed her displeasure over the film’s “misrepresentation”. She also opined that the filmmakers need to stop fanning the angst and hatred and stand together as one big human family to achieve equality.


A huge controversy on “Suriya against Vanniyar community” made headlines last week. It all started after a set of people got offended over the usage of a calendar with fire effigy that got placed in the house of a corrupted police officer and himself being named as “Guru” instead of the being named as “Antony Samy”, name of the real life corrupted police official. PMK party members and the supporters of it started protesting against the film, alleging that it hurts the sentiments of people who belong to “Vanniyar” caste.

PMK leader Anbumani Ramdoss came up with a press note, shooting 9 questions to Suriya and the actor replied back requesting him not to restrict the ideology of “Jai bhim” into “name” politics. Advocate Balu, leader of Pattali Makkal Katchi’s legal wing had sent a legal notice mentioning that Thu Pa Arul Mozhi considers certain scenes in “Jai Bhim’ were conceptualized to defame the Vanniyar community. The notice also demanded the film crew to pay Rs. 5 crore within seven days from the time and date of receipt of the notice.

From Chief minister MK Stalin to Actor Kamal Haasan, Directors Pa. Ranjith, Vetri Maaran and many other notable personalities of the state lauded the film through their respective social media handles. Now, actress Lakshmi Ramakrishnan came up with a tweet in her official twitter handle, opining her thoughts about the Suriya-starrer.

Jai Bhim would have been a great motivational movie if makers had been honest with the narrative. Real life incident was about people standing together irrespective of cast and creed against police atrocity! Representation is a must but misrepresentation is destructive?!” said Lakshmy in her first tweet and went on to add “if we have to achieve some sort of equality, we need to stop fanning the angst and hatred and stand together as one big human family”

Here’s her tweets :

When a follower asked why she changed her opinion about the film, the actress said “Was touched by the movie & lbelieved it was true incident. When the controversies came up is when I did my research and found out that the real incident was about people standing up for each other ! Makers had manipulated to suit their narrative!Misrepresentation not acceptable”

“Creative freedom cannot be evoked to change narrative & also claim the film is based on true incident. It documents such an important issue in a false light. Don’t you think it is wrong to bring a caste narrative when people have stood together irrespective of all diversities ?” L;akshmy said when someone claimed that the film is not a documentary.


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