Fan Compared Vanitha’s Expression With Vijay’s !! Check Her Reaction


The impact made by the popular video of Vanitha Vijayakumar and Lakshmy ramakrishnan having argument over Vanitha’s recent marriage is reflecting in social media. One of a social media user captured a screenshot of Vanitha’s reaction and compared it to Kushi Vijay which made the actress to blush. However, the reactions of other people for the post made her angry.

Vanitha Vijayakumar who got irked on seeing Lakshmy Ramakrishnan intervening in her personal issue, appeared in a live interaction and abused her directly by accusing her for involving in her personal issue.

When the host of the show tried to make them state their opinions one by one, Vanitha who intervened said that she never agreed for a debate. When Lakshmy said that the host of the show needs to be respected, Vanitha said that she just wants to ask few questions to Lakhmy regarding the earlier interview she gave with Elizabeth. Things turned ugly when Lakshmy asked Vanitha to act with some dignity. Vanitha repeatedly asked Lakshmy who she is to have a say in a problem that took place between herself and Helen.

At one point, Vanitha started abusing Lakshmy’s husband, pointing out how Lakshmy reacted to that earlier interview. She even assassinated Lakshmy Ramakrishnan’s character and called her “Garbage”. Lakshmy said that she didn’t want to involve in an argument with a street fighter. When Lakshmy wanted to disconnect the call, Vanitha said that she will record the video and will upload it to tear her apart.

Source : Behindwoods

Replying to Lakshmy who said that Vanitha is changing husband every year, the former Bigg Boss star abused Lakshmy Ramakrishnan in extreme bad words on air. Now, after a week, a social media user compared Vanotha’s one of the reaction with Kushi Vijay.

Replying to this post, Vanitha wrote “Lol I didn’t realize that…same reaction”

Number of Vanitha’s own followers started trolling the actress for her reply tweet.

Vanitha who acted Vijay in a movie named as “Chandralekha” in the year 1995, replied to one of these haters saying that Vijay is a wonderful human being and a good friend. She said that he won’t mock or judge people like the social media hate mongers. “Vijay is a wonderful human being and a good friend…unlike u losers who judge and mock people and do cyber bullying when u have no say in it …success doesn’t come to pathetic scumbags” her reply tweet read.

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