First Installment of Rs.15 Lakhs Deposited?!


A man has refused to pay the cash that was mistakenly deposited in his account. He also refuses to give the money back. An incident near Bihar has made people reminiscence about an electoral vow of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Here is the incident that happened.

Ranjit Das from Bihar was arrested by the Bihar police. Ranjit Das has received Rs. 5.5 Lakhs in his bank account by mistake. When he was asked to return it, he has denied doing so. On asking him, Ranjit Das has explained his misunderstanding that the cash was the first installment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promised cash of Rs. 15 Lakhs.

Narendra Modi, in his electoral vows has said that every Indian will receive Rs.15 Lakhs in their bank account. Das has thought that the cash deposited was the first installment of the promised amount.

Various people have reacted to this incident.

Rationa has said, “He could’ve also said “are you saying PM Modi is a liar?”


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