First Time In History 1$ Value Reached 70 Rupees !! People Thrashed Modi & His Government !!


We may have been hearing a lot of good things about the Indian economy from various organizations such as International Monetary Fund but on Monday, the Indian Rupee fall to a lifetime low, crossing the 70 mark per dollar, i.e., 70.1.

The Indian currency has been losing its sheen for quite some time now as just 10 years ago, we were standing strong at 42.1 in comparison to 1USD but five years ago, we reached the value of 59.3. In September 2013, it touched 68.84 that was the lifetime lowest at that time while just a month ago, it was 67.1.

The experts are of the opinion that it is the result of the Turkey financial market crisis as the currency of Turkey “Lira” is taking a free fall and on Monday morning only, it fell more than 12 percent. Experts feel that this Turkish crisis is now showing its effect on the Asian markets and making the dollar strong.

However, the Indian Twitter users are holding PM Modi and his government completely responsible for the fiasco and asking whether these are the “ache din” that he was talking about and this is how he wanted to change India. Here are some reactions:

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